Meet Current and Former Resident Assistants

Meet Current and Former Resident Assistants

Meet Current and Former Resident AssistantsMeet Current and Former Resident Assistants

Meet Adriana Novoa

University:  University of South Florida (2018-2020) 

Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

Hometown/Place You Call Home: Port Saint Lucie, Florida 

How long have you been an RA and in which buildings?  Horizon Hall (2018-2019), Beacon Hall (Summer 2019), and now Pinnacle Hall (2019-2020)

Favorite thing about Pinnacle Hall: I love that Pinnacle is a small community. Everyone starts to get to know everyone outside of just their own floor which creates a building wide community! 

Why did you apply to the resident assistant position? I applied to become a resident assistant because my first year here at USF was far from enjoyable. The only thing that made that first year even slightly tolerable was my RA. He reminded me of my worth and of my purpose and I decided that there would be nothing better than to do that for someone else.  

What have you learned as an RA? I've learned just how valuable making connections can be. We, as individuals, learn through each other and that's what has been most evident to me in this role. I learn something new every single day and it's important to recognize that we are all on our own individual journeys. There is no right or wrong path and not everyone goes at the same pace. Being accepting and understanding of this is vital in this role (and also just in life).

What motivates you while in the job? Seeing residents connect with one another and start forming relationships with each other was the thing that truly motivated me every day. 

What skills do you currently use in your life that you gained from being a resident assistant? My communication/interpersonal skills have grown SIGNIFICANTLY because of this position. Being able to relate and connect with people from all different kinds of backgrounds and life experience has shown to be an imperative skill to have (not only in this role, but in life).

What is your favorite memory from being an RA? My favorite memory involves seeing the growth in a resident truly become evident by the end of the academic year. I had a resident my first year as an RA who was super shy and reserved. He was very studious and very nervous about the course work that was ahead of him. Seeing him blossom into the most lovable, 

What is one thing you have changed from your 1st year as an RA? I definitely realized the importance of self care after my first year. I was very much so go go go and that hit a little hard by the end of the year. 

What advice would you give for current and/or future resident assistants? Don't forget that your residents are people just like you. They are all going through peaks and valleys and deserve to know that someone is on their side rooting for them at all times. In the midst of hectic semesters and crazy deadlines in your own personal life, do not forget how meaningful and impact your position as an RA can be. Be the RA you wish you had.

"Don't forget to take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself is not selfish and is vital to your success in this role (and also just in life)." 

What are your goals after graduation? I want to start publishing/posting my own original music and alongside that I'd also like to teach middle school band!

What is it like to be part of the team in Residential Life? Just like anything in life, it had its ups and its downs. It's important to remember that being a part of a team is what you make of it. Through everything in life there will always be valuable lessons to be learned along the way.

If current students or resident assistants want to connect with you, how can they find you? If you're interested in listening to some sad boiiii songs, you can find me on instagram or you can email me at

Adriana's Top 4

  1. Favorite place at USF:  The School of Music ;) 
  2. Favorite place in Tampa: The School of Music  
  3. Biggest accomplishment:  Becoming an RA 
  4. Favorite Movie: Eddie: The Eagle