Meet Current and Former Resident Assistants

Meet Current and Former Resident Assistants

Meet Current and Former Resident AssistantsMeet Current and Former Resident Assistants

Meet Angelica Sterner

Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

University: University of South Florida, Class of 2020

When did you start at USF? Fall 2017

Hometown / Place You Call Home: Orlando, Florida

How long have you been an RA? Since Fall 2019

In Which Building? Maple Hall

Favorite thing about Maple Hall: How it feels like a home. Maple being a pod set up allows for more interactions with others. I’ve lived in Maple Hall for the past 2 years and I’m happy to call it home. 

How did you initially get involved in the Residence Hall? My first year in the Residence Hall, I was a mayor in Hall Council. I enjoyed planning events for the residents. My second year, I was the Hall Council Governor for the Residence Hall. It was a great opportunity to gain some leadership skills and get to meet more of the residents. I was also part of the Green LLC for the last 2 years. 

Why did you apply for the resident assistant position? My previous RA was a big influence on me applying for this position. I saw the connections she made with her residents and the impact she had on them. I also want to help others and support them to their goals. 

What have you learned as an RA? I have learned how to manage time. I learned how to communicate better with others and to actively listen. I learned to have more confidence in myself through the RA position.

What keeps you motivated while in the job? Seeing my residents and having them update me about their day. My residents make me happy. They also care about me and will ask about my day.

What skills do you currently use in your life that you gained from being a resident assistant? Better time management between residents, yourself, and friends. I gained better communication skills. I thoroughly listen to others. The RA position prepares you for many situations that can be applied to life. 

What is your favorite memory (so far) from being an RA? We did a staff outing to Olive Gardens. It was a really nice meal and there were lots of laughs shared that night. 

What advice would you give for current and/or future resident assistants? If you don’t get the position the first time, don’t give up. Always be yourself. Put your heart into your work/passion. Learn from your mistakes. 

What are your goals after graduation? To get a job with helping the environment, in whatever way that is. I hope to get the opportunity to travel around Europe.

If current students or resident assistants want to connect with you, how can they find you? Residents can email me at They can find me on Instagram @angelicasterner and message me questions there. 

Angelica's Top 10

  1. Favorite place at USF: The Maple community
  2. Favorite place in Tampa: BobaCup
  3. Biggest accomplishment: Getting the RA position
  4. Favorite Movie: Moulin Rouge
  5. Favorite Book: No Impact Man 
  6. Every USF student should... try Champ's (dining hall) mac & cheese at least once!
  7. Favorite Band/Artist: Queen
  8. Favorite Color: Purple
  9. Favorite USF professor: Dr. Sarah Sheffield
  10. Favorite Snack: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups