Meet Current and Former Resident Assistants

Meet Current and Former Resident Assistants

Meet Current and Former Resident AssistantsMeet Current and Former Resident Assistants

Meet Gustavo Spangher

University: University of South Florida - Tampa (Graduating December 2021)

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Hometown/Place You Call Home: Ribeirao Preto, Brazil

University You Are Currently Attending: USF - Tampa

How long have you been an RA for? 4 months

In which building(s)? Endeavor 

Favorite thing about Endeavor: My staff! I would never have thought I would make such good friendships with the people I work with. 

Why did you apply for the resident assistant position? I applied to become a resident assistant because I would not be where I am today if wasn't for the several mentors I have had in throughout my life and my college career. Becoming an RA was my way to do that to others while developing soft skills.

What have you learned as an RA? I have learned that while I have tasks and a very deadline-oriented job, this is all about the people. Having emotional intelligence and flexibility is, in my opinion, the best way of doing it well and connecting with people. 

What keeps you motivated while in the job? Knowing that in a couple years I will see current residents excelling in college and in their careers, and realize that in some way I might have helped them become successful. 

What skills do you currently use in your life that you gained from being a resident assistant? I believe the biggest thing I have had to learn while in my role as an RA is to have uncomfortable conversations. I usually do not have a hard time confronting people, however enforcing some minor policies with people that I already consider friends was hard for me at first. I don't like being the "bad guy", but the RA role has been helping me to have those awkward and sometimes more serious conversations, which I know I will come across in my life and in whatever career I may choose. 

What is your favorite memory (so far) from being an RA? I would not say that this is a specific memory, but I feel joy every time I am walking in our out of my room and see my residents and other friends hanging out in the active lounge, doing homework, and having fun together. I am happy to see that they have been able to build community and feel comfortable doing things here together. I tried my best, in the beginning of the semester, to socialize and integrate as many residents as I could, having them leave their rooms (aka their comfort zones) and come make some new friends. 

What advice would you give for current and/or future resident assistants? Remember you are there to assist and mentor residents, despite all the background work you might have to do that they do not notice. Our main job, at the end of the day, is to just help them out and be there for them if needed. 

What are your goals after graduation? I am hoping to work at a big accounting firm for a few years in Tampa, to learn a lot and gain some business experience. I do have a long-term goal of starting my own business, and living in Europe for a few years as well.

If current students or resident assistants want to connect with you, how can they find you? @gusspangher on Instagram is the best way!

Gustavo's Top 10

  1. Favorite place at USF: Top of Collins garage
  2. Favorite place in Tampa: Riverwalk
  3. Biggest accomplishment: Speaking in front of 500 students & families over the summer as an Orientation Leader!
  4. Favorite Movie: Percy Jackson
  5. Favorite Book: Miracle Morning/ Power of now
  6. Every USF student should... eat at Top of the Palms at least once!
  7. Favorite Band/Artist: Seu Jorge
  8. Favorite Color: Dark blue
  9. Favorite USF professor: Jennifer Cainas/ Mark Dummeldinger/ Stephen Lappano
  10. Favorite Snack: Twix!