Meet Current and Former Resident Assistants

Meet Current and Former Resident Assistants

Meet Current and Former Resident AssistantsMeet Current and Former Resident Assistants

Meet Lucas Golliet

Pronouns: He, Him. His

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

University You Attended: Alumni of Saint Cloud State University

When were you an RA? 2010-2013

In which building(s)? Hill-Case Hall & Lawrence Hall

Favorite thing about Lawrence Hall: Lawrence Hall was set up as an international community where each room contained at least one international student and one US student.

Why did you apply for the resident assistant position? I was inspired by the impact my awesome RAs had on my experience, and I hoped that I could have that same impact for other freshman. I also thought it would be a good way to stay involved on campus while getting room and board provided.

What did you learn as a resident assistant? I learned how to stay calm in the face of extremely stressful situations. I was also exposed to individuals of many backgrounds, which I felt expanded my perspective.

What motivated you while in the job? It was inspiring to see when residents got involved in the community and on campus, particularly when it was based on the recommendations of me or another RA.

What skills do you currently use in your life that you gained from being a resident assistant? I put to use the ability to relate and empathize with others that I work with. This allows me to build stronger relationships with my teammates and those that I manage. I gained this skill while empathizing and relating to residents to get them involved in the community.

What is your favorite memory from being an RA? One of my favorite memories was hosting a party for international students and other US students that stayed on campus over winter break. We had a pot luck where we shared our favorite dishes with the community. I was able to make and share my family's tradition of making hot German potato salad, while getting to enjoy many other great dishes.

What advice would you give for current and/or future resident assistants? I would recommend taking the practice of having an open door to heart. I can not count the number of times that I had really meaningful connections with residents when they stopped in to say "hi."

What have you done since graduating from college? After graduating, I was hired at a small law firm to help start up a compensation consulting practice. After over 6 years of experience in Human Resources consulting, I am currently a manager in the People Advisory Services practice at Ernst & Young, LLP.  

What are you currently doing? Currently I live in Minneapolis with my wife Kayla and dog Ruby. When I am not working, I like to spend my time traveling and visiting with friends and family.

If current students or resident assistants want to connect with you, how can they find you? I can be contacted via my Linkedin

Your Top 10

  1. Favorite place at SCSU: The Business School Executive Council office on the fourth floor of Centennial Hall (business school building)
  2. Favorite place in St. Cloud: Riverside Park Disc Golf Course
  3. Biggest accomplishment: Earning the Certified Compensation Professional designation in the course of less than a year 
  4. Favorite Movie: Bridesmaids 
  5. Favorite Book: Anything by Stephen King 
  6. Every SCSU student should... live in the dorms at least one year and join a club (or multiple clubs)  
  7. Favorite Band/Artist: Whatever is on the radio 
  8. Favorite Color: Red 
  9. Favorite SCSU professor: James Tan
  10. Favorite Snack: Quesadilla